The DiForte Agency, Inc: Homeowners, Business & Auto Insurance in Staten Island, New York and the surrounding metropolitan area!

Business peopleFounded in 1951, the DiForte Agency is dedicated to providing Homeowners, Business and Auto insurance to Staten Island businesses and families. Our experienced professionals utilize our network of carriers to offer insurance that matches the needs of our clients, to get precise policy offers that adequately cover assets, or manage risk, at competitive prices.

Operating in the heart of one of Americas busiest and most complex urban areas, the DiForte Agency has a wealth of experience connecting clients to the options that best suit their needs. Our knowledgeable staff members understand the challenges of finding the best insurance in the Staten Island area, and translate that knowledge into practical solutions for covering homes, vehicles, business equipment or anything else that needs to be effectively insured against loss, to give families and business owners peace of mind every day, and crucial financial safeguards that allow them to pursue their goals. We help you through the shopping process – so you don’t need to worry about whether you have found the “right” policy, or whether you have given the right information to insurers.

We’ve helped thousands of clients in Staten Island neighborhoods and beyond to find the best available policies through a high-tech system combined with a responsive, trained and experienced group of professional agents. Our agents know how to navigate complicated insurance markets, to do that “matchmaking” that facilitates an insurance purchase.

At the DiForte Agency, we don’t just sell you a policy, we look at what our clients have to cover, and how they can do it efficiently. We live and work in the Staten Island community, and we understand the value of working closely with each local client to deliver them the coverage that they need. Talk to us about any sort of insurance, whether you’re looking to cover a home or investment property, one or more vehicles, personal possessions, or a business operation with all of its various assets. From large umbrella policies to single family policies, we can help you to take the guesswork out of insurance shopping.