Why You Need Auto Insurance

Why You Need Auto Insurance
Posted on: February 6th, 2015

Even People Who Do Not Own A Car Need Coverage On The Roadway

Living in metropolitan areas, you may have found that you do not need to own a vehicle. Between public transportation, borrowing a friend’s ride, grabbing a cab, and walking or biking you are able to navigate the city sans vehicle. You may think, consequently, that you do not need auto insurance. Have you ever wondered, however, what will protect you while you are driving your friend’s car, sitting in a cab, or even just crossing the street?

Even if you do not own a car, you deserve to have protection on and along the roadway. As a result, insurance providers have created a product called non-owned auto insurance. This coverage will protect you in the event that you get into an accident driving someone else’s vehicle or are hit, either while riding in a car, walking, or biking. You do not want to be left paying your expensive medical bills if the offending car does not carry enough insurance to cover you.

This type of auto coverage covers you when you are a pedestrian, driver or passenger. It offers coverage for bodily injury for others involved in an accident when you are at fault and will protect you against legal expenses should you be sued for the accident. When you are not at fault, it will pay for your medical expenses and covered lost wages. Additionally, it prevents you from having to purchase collision coverage from rental car companies.

Are you unsure what level of coverage you need since you do not have a traditional car-owning situation? Connect with the experts to secure the right level of coverage by contacting The DiForte Agency, serving Staten Island and the surrounding New York metropolitan area, today! We are here to ensure you get the protection you deserve on and off the road.

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