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Posted on: March 30th, 2015

How One Conversation Can Yield Savings

When you are working on your spring budget, you likely have the same thought as most of us- it would be so nice to have a little extra money to cushion my quality of life. You have turned to every facet of your life to find discounts, though, so how could this dream become a reality? Fortunately, if you have not talked to your insurance agent in a while the protection you are carrying could help protect your pocketbook, too. Here are a few ways your insurance agent can help you save money.

  • More Options For Less Money: Your independent insurance agent will be able to review your existing coverage with you. Because he or she will have access to multiple plans from multiple carriers, he or she can point out policies that might offer more coverage for the same amount of money or the same coverage for less money.
  • More Discounts With Less Research: Talking to your agent can help you capitalize on all the savings available to you. Let your insurance agent know about any lifestyle changes or improvements you have made to your property. For example, installing a security system at home can drive your homeowners insurance premiums down, and your son or daughter making the honor roll could help you save on your auto insurance.
  • More Peace Of Mind With Less Hassle: When trying to determine where to set your policy limits and deductibles, it might feel like trying to calculate a calculus equation. Your insurance agent is an industry expert who can make getting the right coverage a snap.

To work with a third generation independent insurance agency committed to protecting Staten Island and the surrounding New York metropolitan area, contact The DiForte Agency. We are here to help you get the protection you need to safeguard your life and your wallet.

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