What To Do When Your Car Is Stolen

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Posted on: April 17th, 2015

Protecting Yourself After Car Theft

It is a terrible feeling. You walk out of the grocery store, heading for where you parked your car. As you approach, you notice that the spot you thought your car was in is empty. You circle the lot, trying to locate your vehicle. Panicked, you even try using your panic button to locate it, all to no avail. It seems you have become the victim of car theft.

Your first step is to take a few deep breaths. Then, follow this quick guide to best handle your situation.

  1. File A Police Report: Get on the phone with the cops to report the theft. Have as much information as possible for them, including your license plate number, registration, and vehicle identification number (VIN). That way, the police will be able to put your car on the nationwide list of stolen vehicles, making it more difficult for a thief to sell.
  2. Call Your Insurance Agent: Once you have your police report filed, dial up your agent. Letting your insurer know about the theft right away will ensure you are not penalized if the car causes damages or harm after it is stolen. Also, give your agency a list of all of the personal property that was in your car.
  3. Track It: If your car has tech features, you may not have to wait it out after you complete the first few steps. With GPS tracking installed in some cars, you may be able to keep an eye on your vehicle and track down the thief more quickly.

Do you have the comprehensive coverage you need to ensure a stolen car does not become a financial burden? To get the car insurance you need in Staten Island and the New York metropolitan area, contact The DiForte Agency. We are experts in protecting you from car thieves; call us today!

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