Your Commercial Auto Insurance Checklist

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Posted on: June 4th, 2015

Understanding The Right Coverage For Your Needs

If your small business is gaining traction, you probably find yourself trying to decide if your personal auto insurance policy is still sufficient for your transportation needs, or if you should opt instead for commercial auto insurance. To help you discern what kind of coverage will best meet your needs, here is a quick checklist.

  • How is your vehicle used? If you are only using your vehicle for the occasional business errand, your personal policy should be sufficient. If, however, you find yourself using your car primarily for work, it is time for you to think seriously about getting commercial coverage.
  • For what kind of work do you use your vehicle? If you are using your vehicle for transporting goods or clients, traveling to remote work locations, make deliveries, hauling equipment, or visiting clients, you might need a commercial auto insurance policy.
  • Is my company prepared for an accident? If you get into a work-related accident and are denied coverage by your personal policy, would your business be able to assume the expense? If your fiscal budget would not allow for this kind of unforeseen expense, it is in your best interest to consider managing your risk by paying a relatively small amount of money towards commercial auto insurance premiums.

Ultimately, if you are considering the kind of coverage you need to protect your business, it is wise to call your agent to discuss these checklist items.

You do not have to figure out the protections your business needs on your own. To talk with an insurance expert about the best way to safeguard your business, contact The DiForte Agency. Serving Staten Island and the rest of New York, our dedicated team is here to ensure you have the business insurance—including the commercial auto insurance—you need to be fully protected.

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