The Importance Of Safeguarding The Most Precious Rock

Engagement Ring Insurance Staten Island NY
Posted on: March 6th, 2015

Do I Really Need Engagement Ring Insurance?

If you are planning on asking the most important question in your life and request that the one you love most spend the rest of their life with you, chances are the anxiety is building up and you are planning the perfect way to pop the question. While you may be inclined to assume that choosing the perfect place to ask this question is most important, you must consider the insurance implications of proposing.

You have likely saved a great deal of money so that you can pick out the absolute perfect ring to remain on your honey’s left hand for the rest of your lives, so why would you leave it vulnerable to harm? The only way to feel confident in the safety and protection of that beautiful engagement ring is by obtaining engagement ring insurance.

Engagement ring insurance provides your precious rock with protection against damage, theft, and other losses. This can be purchased through your insurance carrier.  You have the option to add scheduled personal property coverage to your Homeowners/Renters Insurance Policy, acting as an endorsement that allows you to receive optimal protection of your engagement ring. If you do not have a Homeowners/Renters policy you can add a separate Jewelry Floater.  The cost of the policy will be directly dependent on the appraised value of the engagement ring.

It is extremely important to note that just because you purchased this vital insurance policy for the engagement ring does not mean that the wedding rings will be covered. They must be covered separately, or you can choose to add them to your scheduled personal property coverage.

Serving Staten Island and the surrounding New York metropolitan area, contact the DiForte Agency for all of your engagement ring insurance needs. Allow us to insure the most special rock you will ever give or receive to the fullest!

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