Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Flood Insurance Policy Staten Island NY
Posted on: October 30th, 2015

For homeowners and renters, securing flood insurance should be a priority.

From snow, rail, hail, the New York weather can be quite adverse. Not only does natural weather cause flooding, but broken dams, flooded rivers, and blocked streams can cause water damage to buildings and structures.

As many homeowners may (or may not) know, typical homeowners insurance policies do not provide coverage for flood damage. Unfortunately, the aftermath of floods can result in structural damage, destroyed belongings, and even a destitute building.

Your need for flood insurance can be assessed through these steps:

  • Determine your risk. Are you near a dam, river, reservoir, the ocean? Any source of water can be seen as an increased flood risk. Of course, everyone is not safe from floods, but risks can vary.
  • Evaluate your worst-case scenario. If your home and belongings were to become damaged or destroyed in the event of flooding, could you afford to pay for the rebuilding and repairs out of pocket?
  • Check eligibility. To purchase flood insurance, your community must participate in the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Search for a suitable policy. Weigh out your risk and your budget before looking into policy rates so that you can narrow down your search instantly.

For flood insurance coverage in the Staten Island, New York area, be sure to contact The DiForte Agency. We find you the best policy for your needs, location, and budget.

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