Grilling Safety Tips For Your Summer BBQs

Grilling Safety Tips for BBQs
Posted on: June 22nd, 2015

Protect Yourself Over The Grill With This Guide

Grilling is a great way to take advantage of the summer. By heading to the grill, you get to unlock flavor and nutrition without ever having to leave the fresh air and summer sun. While grilling can help you make the most of the season, it is also unfortunately dangerous. In fact, each year around 7,000 Americans are injured while using their barbecue grills. To protect yourself this summer, use these grilling safety tips.

  • Make sure that your grill is at least 10 feet away from your house. The further away you are able to place it, the less likely it is to set fire to your home, garage, or porch.
  • Clean your grill after every use. If you do not, fat and grease can build up which, when heated, can cause a flare up that is difficult to control.
  • If you need to leave the grill for a moment, have another competent adult keep an eye on it.
  • Check your gas grill for leaks by making a solution of half water, half dish soap. Rub it over the hoses and connections and turn the gas on with the grill lid open. If you see any soap bubbles form, you have a leak that could use your attention.
  • Be prepared to handle flames. Keep a spray bottle filled with water by the grill to deal with any small outbursts of flames without ruining the food on the grill, and a fire extinguisher nearby to deal with bigger issues.
  • Never turn on your gas grill when your lid is closed. Otherwise, gas can build up in the grill, then fireball into your face when you light it!

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