Safeguarding Your Valuables To The Fullest

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Posted on: March 20th, 2015

Understanding Scheduled Personal Property Coverage

Whether you have recently upgraded your wardrobe and are now rocking more expensive items or recently received an expensive gift, holding scheduled personal property coverage is something each homeowner should aspire to do. This important form of coverage extends the personal property coverage of your homeowner’s insurance policy to better protect your valuables.

By opting for scheduled personal property coverage, you have the luxury of finally feeling confident in your valuables’ protection. Once you add this coverage to your policy, all you have to do is obtain and submit a professional appraisal to your insurer and wait for approval. Once each item is approved, its status becomes scheduled, and they receive optimal protection. Should you lose, damage, misplace, or have your scheduled items stolen, you will receive coverage for the appraised amount.

One of the most notable perks of scheduled personal property coverage is that your scheduled items are replaced to you at replacement cost, should a loss occur. This means that you will receive the appraised value for the item, as opposed to the depreciated value.

Items that may be worth including in your scheduled personal property coverage include firearms, collectible pieces, fine art, jewelry, family heirlooms, technological devices, and any other item that holds particular value to you.  These items usually have very limited coverage under a Homeowners policy and would need to be specifically scheduled, to a policy, to receive the scheduled replacement value should there be a loss.

Rather than leaving your most precious possessions vulnerable for even a minute longer, opt for the protection you deserve! Scheduled personal property coverage is here to take away your worries and provide you with peace of mind.

Serving Staten Island and the surrounding New York metropolitan area, contact the DiForte Agency for all of your homeowner’s insurance needs. You deserve to feel confident in the protection of your most important possessions, which is why we will help you add scheduled personal property coverage to your homeowner’s insurance policy today.

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