Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent

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Posted on: October 26th, 2015

Insurance agents should be able to answer all of these questions to your satisfaction.

When selecting the right insurance policy, be aware that you’re also selecting the insurance agent and company. The number of insurance agents seeking your business can be vast, so ensure that you are completely happy and trusting of the agent who will be handling your policies and terms.

Select the right agent for you by asking the questions below.

How accessible are you?
If you want personalized service over a website policy, be sure that your insurance agent agrees and can provide that level of personal attention.

How frequently can we talk?
Insurance will need to be updated when changes occur, as well as being reviewing annually. As you may not remember to call your insurance agent every time that there is a change in your life, a good agent should assist in evaluating your needs periodically.

Can you explain this to me in simple terms?
While your agent should know the ins and outs of insurance terminology, they should be able to explain policy terms and conditions simply for you to comprehend.

Which companies do you represent?
The more companies that they have access to means more choices for better terms and premiums. A larger selection of products gives you more opportunity to purchase a policy suited directly for you.

Do you provide any additional services?
Your insurance company may be able to provide you with retirement planning, college saving plans, long-term care insurance, and additional insurance policies so that all of your insurance needs are under one roof.

Finding an agent who is trustworthy and favorable will put you and your family on the path to long-term financial security. For the customer service that you deserve and the insurance policy you need in Staten Island and areas of New York, contact The DiForte Agency today.

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