The Benefits Of An Independent Agent

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Posted on: January 28th, 2015

Four Reasons To Work With An Independent Insurance Agent

Shopping for insurance can feel overwhelming, but having the right experts come alongside you will not only make the process feel easier, it will also ensure that you do not end up with gaps in your coverage or paying for insurance you do not need. The right expert to join your team is an independent insurance agent. Here are a few reasons why independent agents can best serve you.

  1. More Options: When you shop with a specific insurance company for the right insurance, you are only seeing the products they offer. An independent agent will present you every option that could suit your needs from every insurance provider, multiplying your choices.
  2. More Protection: If you get your insurance through a provider and there is a problem with your claim or your rates go up, you are left going head-to-head with the experts. When you hire an independent agent, he or she can go to bat for you with industry experience and dedication.
  3. More Simplicity: You are busy. You should not have to spend hours on the computer, asking for quotes on dozens of different websites. An independent agent will shop around for you and present you with the best coverage at the best prices.
  4. More Guidance: An independent agent will have years of practice in the insurance industry, so he or she can set you on the path to great coverage—and keep you there.

Are you working with an agent who will offer you the options, protection, simplicity, and guidance you need? To connect with an independent agent who will meet your needs and more, contact The DiForte Agency, serving Staten Island and the surrounding New York metropolitan area, today! Our team of independent agents is here to serve you.

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