Passenger Overboard! A Survival Guide

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Posted on: August 14th, 2015

Here is a quick look at how to rescue a passenger who goes overboard.  

There is nothing quite as relaxing as being out on the water. You take your boat out away from the busyness of life and get to finally catch your breath as you watch the sun glint off the surface of water. Finally, life slows down until… SPLASH! A passenger falls overboard, and everything feels frantic and fast!

If you have a passenger go overboard, follow these steps to swiftly and safely get him or her back on board.

  • Sound The Alarm. As soon as you see someone overboard, shout, “Man overboard!” This not only lets others on board know that there is a situation evolving, it also lets the person in the water know that you see him or her and are working to get help.
  • Stop The Boat: Cut the ignition right away. You want to ensure that your overboard passenger is never in danger of coming into contact with moving propellers.
  • Send Help: Toss a flotation device to the overboard person so he or she has something on which to rely on while you work to get him or her back on board.
  • Sweep Him Or Her Up: Angle your boat so that you will be approaching your passenger from downwind so you have the best control of your watercraft, then carefully approach him or her. Once close enough, use a lifeline, swim platform, or ladder to help him or her back on board the boat. Check for any signs of injury or trauma and treat the individual accordingly.

We hope this guide helps you protect your passengers! So you can also protect your boat itself, contact The DiForte Agency. As New York boat insurance experts, our Staten Island team is here to help you get the right policies to buoy your boat no matter what storms come its way.

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