Protecting Your Property: Preventing Theft & Homeowners Insurance

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Posted on: July 7th, 2015

Theft Prevention & Staten Island, NY Homeowners Insurance Can Safeguard You

As a homeowner, you trust your home’s walls and doors to protect all of the valuable property that you have stored inside. The interior of your home contains some of your most prized possessions—both for their sentimental and monetary value—and it is important to you that these items are safeguarded against theft.

Fortunately, with this theft prevention guide and Staten Island, NY homeowners insurance protecting your personal property becomes easy.

  • Lock It Down: Your doors, windows, and fences should all have locks on them. Actually use them! Thieves have been smart enough to grab a nearby ladder and climb to a second story window, so do not assume that just because your building has multiple stories those higher up are safe. Also, do everything you can to deter access to your backyard, where a thief could more easily case your house.
  • Trash Your Trash: Leaving a giant plasma screen TV box out with your trash will do more than just annoy your garbage man. It will also signal to thieves that you have valuables in your home. At the very least, turn electronic boxes and other indicators of value inside out before you put them on the curb.
  • Landscape For Safety: A well-lit, well-trimmed yard looks nice and deters thieves. When they have fewer places to hide from view, potential burglars are less likely to be interested in your home.

Should a thief make it past your preventative measures, would your homeowners insurance be sufficient to help you quickly and easily repair your quality of life? To get great coverage for your home and its contents, contact The DiForte Agency in Staten Island. As New York insurance experts, we know how to best protect local families against crimes including property theft.

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