Why Your Pet Owning Tenants Need Renters Insurance

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Posted on: July 13th, 2015

Pet Owning Tenants & Staten Island, NY Renters Insurance

If you have a space that you rent out, your idea of the ideal tenant likely does not include those families that come with furry members. In fact, though, research indicates that pet owners are better tenants who stay for longer periods of time. Is there a way to bring in a pet owner but still protect yourself and your rental space?

By using this guide—which covers pet interviews, pet policies, and Staten Island, NY renters insurance—you can rest easy when you rent to pet owners.

  • Pet Interviews: It might sound a little crazy to interview the pet of your possible tenant, but by spending some time with the pet owner and the pet you can get a clearer idea of the pet’s behaviors, response to discipline, and likelihood to be problematic in your rental. Inquire with the owner if the pet is up to date on his or her vaccinations and for how many hours a day the pet is left alone.
  • Pet Policy: Once you find the right pet owning tenant, it is important you include a pet policy in his or her lease. Make sure “damaged property” is clearly defined (e.g. scratched floors, stained carpets) and the pet owner’s responsibility to cover those damages is clearly stated. Also, lay out what pet-related incidents would merit eviction.
  • Pet Insurance: In order to protect yourself, you should first make sure your tenant has some kind of dog liability insurance. His or her renters insurance should contain this type of coverage. Then, obtain landlord’s insurance as well to fully protect yourself from the liability the on-property pet could bring.

The insurance experts can help you tailor the right renters and landlord’s insurance policies to best protect your tenant, yourself, and your space. To learn more about the coverage you need, contact The DiForte Agency. Serving Staten Island and the surrounding New York area, we are here to help you safeguard your rental situation.

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