Avoiding Bothersome Spring Allergies

Spring Allergies Staten Island NY
Posted on: March 18th, 2015

How To Escape Spring Allergies

As we prepare to welcome spring, those with allergies are anxiously awaiting one of the most challenging times of year. Spring allergies have the ability to put a damper on things, meaning you must take action and find which preventative measures allow you to deter your allergies. Gathered are some helpful tips to eliminate despair and avoid spring allergies:

  • Make sure to take your allergy medications before heading outside, as opposed to when your symptoms begin.
  • When gardening, wear NIOSH-approved gear so that you can reduce your skin’s contact with pollen. Also, try to avoid touching your face, as this will spread the particles you are trying to avoid in the first place. If your allergies are particularly sensitive, you may benefit by waiting to garden until after the rains have come and gone and have washed the pollen off many surfaces.
  • Regularly mowing your lawn can help with reducing pollen count, as this limits the stems from being able to disperse pollen. By keeping your lawn at about 2 inches or less, you can help prevent pollen dispersion.
  • Before getting cozy in your bed after a long day outside, make sure to change your clothes after showering. This will ensure that pollen is not following you by means of your skin, hair, and clothes.
  • Whether you are gardening or not, wearing a wide brimmed hat can help shield you from spring allergens.
  • If you find that all else fails, enjoying a vitamin D supplement in combination with your allergy medications can help to regulate the immune system, helping you avoid bothersome allergies.
  • Conducting a deep cleaning of your house will also help you take control of household allergens, making your home the perfect safe haven.

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