Spring Cleaning Your Electronics

Spring Cleaning Staten Island NY
Posted on: April 27th, 2015

Tidying Up Your Digital Life

As the weather warms, you get ready to throw open the windows of your home and tackle some serious spring cleaning. This undertaking has changed a lot in the last few decades with extendable dusters and Swiffer! Innovations in cleaning tools are not the only changes, though. In the digital age, you have another area to consider cleaning: your electronics.

When you go through and clean the areas of your home that do not get a lot of attention throughout the year, you may find electronics you no longer use. Whether you discover an outdated CD player, an old cell phone, or even the increasingly rare VCR player, you will likely want to get rid of these unnecessary items.

Fortunately, you can recycle them! Your electronics manufacturer, retailer, local government, or local nonprofit may have set up a recycle program. If you cannot find a way to recycle your item and it still functions well, you can consider donating it.

What about cleaning up those electronics you want to keep? A great way to help your home look its tidiest is by organizing your cords. Affordable organizing devices can offer you the opportunity to wrap up longer chords, keeping them out of sight and out of the way, reducing tripping hazards. If you have an area that is riddled with cords, turn to a cable zipper. This single tube will keep all of your cords in one compact, neat package, helping your home look its best.

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