How To: Get Car Insurance For Your Teen Driver

Teen Drivers and Car Insurance Staten Island NY
Posted on: September 18th, 2015

Understanding the car insurance your teen driver needs.

When your teen officially becomes a licensed driver, a lot changes. You’ll probably spend a few fewer hours sleeping, worrying about your new driver out on the road. You also gain a few hours in your day as you get released from the carpool cycle. Your teen becomes more independent, and you get to go through the pride and fear that comes with that change.

When your teen gets his or her license, your family’s insurance needs change, too. Here’s a brief guide to getting the right coverage for your newest driver.

Even if you don’t buy a car for your teen, you still need to get him or her insurance. Fortunately, this is easy. Just give your insurance agent a call, and he or she will be able to add your new driver as an operator on your family’s existing car insurance policy.

When you make this change, your rates will go up. It’s an unfortunate fact of life. Insurers have to raise your premiums to make up for the extra risk they’re taking on with your teen; teens are statistically some of the most dangerous drivers out on the road.

Fortunately, you can combat a staggering increase in a few ways. First, encourage your teen to get good grades. As and Bs will earn your family a good student discount. Second, hold off on buying a new car for your new driver and limit his or her drive time. The less your teen is behind the wheel, the less you’ll pay!

We’re here to make getting the right insurance for your entire family quick and easy. For the right New York car insurance for your family’s specific needs, contact The DiForte Agency in Staten Island. We serve all of New York and are here to guide you through the process of getting your teen set up on the road.

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