Three Easy Ways To Prepare For Natural Disasters

Ways to Prepare for Natural Disasters
Posted on: September 23rd, 2015

These three simple to-dos can help your family during a natural disaster.  

When you think about disaster preparedness, bunkers stocked with gas masks probably come to mind. In fact, though, the average family can go a long way towards disaster preparation with just a little foresight. Here are three incredibly easy things you and your family can do to be prepared for a natural disaster.

  • Have Cash: We know it’s a little risky to keep cash on hand, and we’re definitely not advising you keep your life savings under your mattress. Remember, though, that if your city ends up without electricity, your debit card isn’t going to do you very much good. Keep a few hundred dollars in small bills on hand in case you need to buy supplies.
  • Store Food: Sure, you probably keep your pantry stocked with a can or two, but if your family is trapped in your home during a natural disaster, could you survive? It’s a good idea to keep at least three days worth of nonperishable food that won’t require cooking in case of emergency. Keep this with three gallons of water per family member and a fully-stocked first aid kit.
  • Set Up A Rendezvous: It’s well-intentioned to set up a meeting point in your hometown, but you should also designate one a decent distance away. Ideally, choose a rendezvous that has a person attached—such as a family member—with whom you and your loved ones can be in touch if you’re unable to contact one another. With an out-of-area meet-up, you ensure you have a place to go if your entire city is affected by a disaster.

A natural disaster will be a lot less stressful if during it, you can rest easy knowing you have the insurance policies you need to protect your family from financial hardship once it passes. For that kind of thorough coverage in Staten Island or the neighboring New York cities, contact The DiForte Agency today.

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